Thursday, February 21, 2008

Graduation Day!

Jordan completed her 16th and final radiation session today.
She almost caused a postponement when she violated the no-food-before anesthesia rule and cracked open her post-treatment food stash in the car on the way there, but thankfully she was able to still complete her appointment.

Jordan now has a picture on the official Radiation Graduation board:

We are so happy that this chapter in her already rocky medical career is behind us. We still have 1 week for possible side-effects to surface, and 2 weeks before she can fly home, but we'll take it.

Thanks for all the love and support via the web.

the Jordan Love Team


Lindsay Lou said...

CONGRATULATIONS JORDAN!!! Honey is thrilled for you and insisted I add your link to her blog...

:) Lindsay

Lin said...

Congrats to the entire team! In spite of all the challenges, it looks like everyone managed to have a wonderful time outside of treatments and work.

Dylan said...

yay!! woof!! hurray!!
we've been thinking of all of you and are so happy to hear the great news!!
:-) d & b & x & i & r:-)

Tey said...

hooray for jordy!!!