Sunday, February 3, 2008

2 out of 16 down, a note from Colten.

So we picked up Jordan on Friday and she was super sleepy but we think glad to see us. Her head has a spot right on top shaved, but not all the way to the skin and since the pigment in her skin is tinted to match her hair it is hardly noticable. She did have a few thin blue mapping lines, but nothing spectacular to report.

On Saturday she spent the whole day at home with my cousin, who is living at my mom's house in Pasadena during law school. They had a good day together, although Jordan's tummy was acting up a bit. We got home on Sat in time to play some soccer ball fetch.
We went to bed and got to sleep in late on Sunday, which means about 8:15am! Jordan and I got up and let TT sleep much later. Jordan and I had a superbowl party to plan (a party for 2, Jordan and I of course) and she seemed to perk up for the first time since we got to CA. This is mostly due to the medications she is on... but it was good to see her have some energy and want to really play.

We lounged all day and TT and Mom joined us in time to see the Giants pull out a 4th quarter win. Jordan liked the gatorade commercial with the thirty lab best - Harley is a loud drinker and she cocked her head a few times trying to figure out what she was hearing... otherwise she was mostly disappointed in the ads this year.

Tomorrow is treatment #3 and the first of five days in a row. We are shooting so she will come to the set with us, and will then be whisked off to the Vet Cancer Group by Emily (the PA) and Julie (the guest guardian angel) where she will spend the day and night.
We pick her up on Tuesday after our shoot and that should be it as far as overnights - a relief to us all...

No new pic this time, so here is a pic from a past trip to a California beach:

Jordan is, of course, demanding loudly that someone throws her ball again.

Thank you ALL SO MUCH for all of your comments. TT, Jordan and I really appreciate it.



Kate said...

That thirsty dog reminded me of Harley too!

I'm glad you have extra guardian angels out there to help. I'm thinking of Jordan today. Big love to all of you,


Mary D said...

So nice to hear that things are going well. We really miss you.

Lin said...

So Jordan, you weren't impressed by the dog who trained the horse?

You're just too smart to fall for that, I suppose. I guess you know that dalmations aren't *that* intelligent.

I'm glad to hear that you felt like playing. That's wonderful!

Mary D said...

Hi guys...Hope everybody is doing well. Lots of love from Mary, Dana, Stef and Zoe.

drgnfleye said...

Basil is wearing black & white in your honor this evening, Jordan. Lots of LOVE from us!!!

Tanner said...

hey, what a great pic! Glad to hear about the most recent treatment...keep us all posted, best wishes & all our thoughts your way...

Mel & Tanner, Bailey & Baby Cornson