Monday, February 11, 2008

Halfway Point. a note from colten

Jordan has officially finished 1/2 of her radiation treatments! Thus far she is doing great and we hope that continues through the second half.

This past weekend we spent the entire time with my grandparents. Jordan and Grandma got to bond over brains gone bad... Grandma also has an adorable black lab (the third "person" she asked about once she regained some speech Saturday after her stroke last Thursday) named Molly who was really, really interested in meeting Jordan - but per Jordan's requests they each held court in separate sections of the house during our time there.

One person Jordan doesn't mind co-habitating with is my mom's cat Azule, who Jordan likes a lot (although Azule is still not certain what she thinks of Jordan). They've known each other for 5+ years, but only spend a few weeks together any given year.

Anyways, this morning they shared a bit of sunshine on the couch together before Jordan went in for her treatment:

a black & white kitty for a black & white dog


Betty said...

That is a great photo!

Good news about your grandma.

Be glad y'all are in sunny CA. It's cold here!

Kate said...

Yay, I am glad your grandmother is doing better. I enjoyed the Molly and Azule stories. Lots of love to you and TT and Jordan and the family from Brooklyn.

E said...

Sending big love to all of you, and thinking good thoughts for Jordan and your grandma, Colten.