Friday, February 29, 2008

1 week check-up, done!

We went back to the Vet Cancer Center today for the first time in a week. It was our one week check-up as well as our final appointment. Future check-ups will be done with a neurologist back home. Everyone stopped by our room to say goodbye, and Jordan insisted on being aloof about the whole process. Here she is with her radiation doctor:

Dr. Lyons & Jordan

We also were very fortunate to cross paths with Honey & her peeps again. Today Honey graduated!
Honey has had an uphill battle against her side-effects, and they will probably be getting worse before they get better, but we are pulling for her!
We hope that eating becomes something fun again and breathing becomes something easy soon...

Honey, Lindsay, Jordan, & Colten

9 nights left in California before Jordan and I get to fly home...


Lindsay Lou said...

Honey will not ONLY eat Gerber baby lamb dinner, but we started prednisone last night so I anticipate the hunger will increase... Good pic of Cr. Lyons!

Kate said...

Love to Colten & Jordan, still in California! And that Honey looks like a real sweetie! I am cheering everybody on from the sidelines.


Lindsay Lou said...

We're headed back in a week or so for Honey's 9 MONTH post-radiation xrays. Can't believe it was that long ago - she weighs about 57 pounds now(!!!) How's Jordan?